Book of the Month: Connecting with Kids in a Disconnected World

I first learned about this book through Virtual Book Club with Jennifer Ettinger (@fityourstyle) on @talkshoplive to discuss Trevor Romain’s (@TrevorRomainOfficial) enlightening and engaging book, “Connecting with Kids in a Disconnected World.”

As a parent of two teenage boys, I know how difficult it can be to feel like you’re not truly connecting with your kids, despite best efforts. And let’s be honest: Most of us are struggling, especially now when in many parts of the world school is out, sports programs are canceled and ‘the home’ is the new Friday night hangout.

The ironic thing: Even though we might be physically with our kids more, we might be connecting with them less. Maybe it’s because we’re competing with their screens—social media, computer, phone. Or maybe it’s because we simply just don’t know how to actually connect with them in meaningful and beneficial ways. The point: I’ve never met a parent who does not want to connect more with children, but I have met many frustrated with the question: “How do I actually do that?”

A great place to start is by reading “Connecting with Kids in a Disconnected World,” penned by Trevor Romain, a bestselling children’s author and past board president of the American Childhood Cancer Organization, who has partnered with many of the leading youth organizations. His book is a fast, refreshing read that in just minutes serves up timeless wisdom that can improve your communication with children.

What I especially love is that it delivers profound wisdom in bite-sized chunks around the benefits of communicating through art, objects, visualization and personal stories. In fact, you’ll glean empowering tips just by perusing the book’s Table of Contents.

Its pages pepper in simple tips, practical strategies and inspiring stories that you can leverage immediately. The voice is positive and uplifting, and you’ll appreciate the hope and confidence that comes from knowing there’s much you can do to get on the level of children and engage with them in ways they will better relate and respond. Because after all, as Dr. Seuss once said, “Adults are just outdated children.”

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